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Check out the wonderful world of Judaica souvenirs. At World of Judaica, we have a beautiful selection of souvenirs for sale, including keychains, magnets, amulets, hamsas, figurines, pens, and more.

Key Chains

Browse World of Judaica’s selection of key chains, complete with Jewish themes and Israel designs. These key holders make for great gifts to friends and family.

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World of Judaica offers an extensive collection of magnets made of wood and ceramic materials. These magnets features images of Israel to proudly display on your fridge or in your car.

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Give the gift of a Jewish themed amulet with World of Judaica's large selection. Browse through the variety of amulets with Jewish and Israel designs.

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The Hamsa is an open hand symbol that represents protection from evil in Judaism. Choose one of our unique Hamsa designs to decorate your home or give as a gift.

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World of Judaica has a massive selection of figurines with images of joyous dancing and singing. These figurines make for lovely gifts to family and friends.

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Search World of Judaica's collection of pens, complete with Jewish and Israel themes. Many of our pens feature a blessing or Rabbi description on a pull out piece of paper.

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Look through our variety of pictures that will look beautiful in any home. These pictures include blessings, Hamsa symbols, and Jerusalem featured designs.

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Jewish Souvenirs

Check out our vast selection of Jewish souvenirs. These souvenirs feature Israel images and make for great gifts.

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Souvenirs are the perfect gift for any occasion. World of Judaica offers a variety of Jewish souvenirs in the form of magnets, key chains, amulets, and colorful figurines. Souvenirs are great memorabilia items to help you remember the great trip you had or bring back gifts to friends.

Our souvenir collection includes a plethora of key chains for sale, which come with key chain rings. These key chains feature Jewish stars, Hamsa pendants, and Zodiac symbols. Our Israel key chains include Israel flags, 'I love Israel,' and Jerusalem key holders. We also have souvenirs in the form of Tehilim prayer key chains and traveler's prayer key chains. USB flash drive key chains are a unique souvenir item and make for an impressive gift.

Looking to give a souvenir as a gift to family and friends? Check out our selection of refrigerator magnets for sale. Our magnets feature designs of Israel, IDF, falafel, Hamsa, and Hebrew prayers. We have magnets that display pride in Israel and all it has to offer. Some magnets can be found in the form of a ceramic plate, while others have animated designs and 3D images.

A charming souvenir is a colorful figurine. World of Judaica is proud to offer whimsical figurines to display in your home or give as a gift. Our figurines include characters such as Rabbis, dancing Hassids, and IDF soldiers. These figurines are meant for children and adults alike. Any visitor of Israel will instantly recognize these iconic figures.

Souvenirs serve as fun memorabilia after a great trip and are wonderful to give to family upon your return. When searching through our collection of souvenirs, browse through our key chains, magnets, pens, and amulets pages as well.