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Made in Israel

In the Judaica Art industry, the vast majority of popular items come from Israel. These items are popular amongst both Jews and Gentiles alike. Israeli made Judaica is usually produced by small companies or individual artisans, although some are also made by large, successful companies. World of Judaica keeps this in mind and only sells the highest quality Judaica items from a wide range of suppliers.

Why buy items made in Israel?

Many people buy Judaica made in Israel because of their desire to support Israel. In addition, a percentage of people feel that a Judaica item has more significance if made in Israel. It is for this reason that some of the more obscure items, such as those made of Jerusalem stone, are popular. To many, having an item made in Israel is like having a part of Israel inside the home. For those who are not Jewish, items made in Israel have religious significance because of Christianity’s roots in Judaism.

What does “Made in Israel” mean to World of Judaica?

To World of Judaica, the statement of “Made in Israel” means an item whose design and production process took place in Israel. World of Judaica sells Judaica made by well-known companies and artists such as Art Judaica and Yair Emanuel as well as lesser known artists and companies. All of the companies that we deal with have a physical location in Israel and we have visited those locations and to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

Visit our Made in Israel section to learn more about Israeli made items. Visit our learning pages to learn about Judaism and the significance many of these items made in Israel have for Jews.

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